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What kind of services does SoomPay support?
SoomPay! Convenient and Simple payment solution for Merchants and Customers! Soompay gives you a easy, secure and private way to pay in stores within SoomPay password. There's no need to enter required personal information for each payment. SoomPay is a QR code based service that makes it easy to pay conveniently anytime, anywhere without credit card of having to enter payment information.
What kind of functions does SoomPay have?
You can easily use SoomPay in our affiliated stores. You can also check the payment or point information at once. Check out the SoomPay app for special events, discount, and enjoy smart shopping.
Do I have to register to use SoomPay?
No additional subscription or registration is needed. With SoomPay, you can pay conveniently anytime, anywhere whenever you need to pay.
Can I use SoomPay for free?
Yes, SoomPay is a mobile payment platform which integrates all the most famous payment services. And you can use it for free. 
How secure is SoomPay?
Based on the 4th Blockchain technology soompay has,all your payment information is securely stored and processed. SoomPay, as an integrated one simple payment platform, is associated with a variety of payment methods rather than payment processors. Payment can be made safely by using Alipay, Wechat pay, and Union pay. (Expected to support wider variety of payment methods soon) Your payment information will not be stored in SoomPay as the payment is settled through PG company.
Is it possible to interface with seller's system?
SoomPay is capable of working with the seller's program(system) if seller wants to. We also have separated version of API for external interworking, so please contact Help Center (070-4719-6534) if needed.
Where can I use SoomPay?
You can use SoomPay for various kinds of business such as distribution business, mobile commerce, O2O service, and all kinds of retail services.

We can also apply SoomPay to any types of business you want, so contact the Merchant Support(070-479119-6534)
Any restrictions for devices using SoomPay?
You can use SoompPay in SoomPay affiliated store.
SOOMPAY( > list of affiliated store
Service will be expanded to more merchants.
사용 가능한 기기를 알려주세요.
SoomPay is available on all devices, regardless of the type of mobile payment.
Recommended specifications for using SoomPay application are as follow :
IOS : iOS 7.0 ver. or higher
Android : 4.0 ver. (ICS) or higher
Some devices may have different resolutions, so an abnormal screen may be output.
Contact the Help Center with information of using device and OS, then we will support you as much as we can.
SoomPay Offline payment provides QR code/Beacon for payment method. However, for iPhones with IOS11.0 and higher, You can only use QR code payment using camera application for scanning.
Other popular QR code scanning applications include Naver, Daum, ext. You can easily find various QR code scanning application by entering QRcode in App Store.
Can I use SoomPay other than my own name?
You can only your mobile phone to authenticate your SoomPay account, so you can't register SoomPay with devices of a third one or corporate phone.
How can I charge SoomPay money?
"You can charge SoomPay money by the 10,000 won dozen and the money you received from your friend is also added into the SoomPay money balance.
If you are going to charge by using account, you can only charge more than 10,000 won at once, and you can charge it up to the limit of your SoomPay money balance."
How can I pay using SoomPay money?
If you are about to pay and you want to pay for SoomPay money, Select "SoomPay payment" in payment method screen.(which contains Wechat pay, Alipay, ext.) Payment details can be found in SoomPay application.
How can I cancel an SoomPay account?
Homepage : SOOM pay > (top right icon) My SoomPay > Close service or cancellation menu You can close SoomPay money service.
Application : Depending on the version, you can also cancel service by SOOMPAY more view > SOOMPAY > Setting > Close service
- Whether you are are using pay card
- Money left
- Whether there are pending remmitance,
- In case the merchant is connected with a regular payment
with according situation, Close Money service is difficult, Please cancel after checking the balance and payment details.
Where can I ask questions about SoomPay?
If you can't find response with related issue, you can contact Help Center.
Help Center : 070-4719-6534 (Mon~Fri : 1000-1900)
For any questions related to each merchant, please contact customer center of relevanat store.